Filling in the blank space

It has been exactly a year and 18 days since I last posted anything on this blog. Feels like we have so much catching up to do but, I’ll just fill you in on some of the year’s highlights.

We got 2013 off to a great start by promoting iRunThis in Northampton, England thanks to our girl Ashlee. She organized a photoshoot, showed off some t-shirts and told people about the brand. The response was good and, Northampton will be a destination in the future.



In March we teamed up with Namibian singer, Mushe in his quest to win the title of Best Male Artist of the Year at the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMA’s).

Vote Mushe

We would spend the next few weeks urging people to vote for him and as a result, not only did he win the much coveted Best Male Artist of the Year award, he also won Song of the Year, Radio Song of the Year, Best Afro Pop, Best Kwaito, and Best Single awards to make it six awards in total on what was a memorable night. Link:


In April we celebrated our new t-shirt design by having a “Sharing” competition on Facebook. It wasn’t a big event but, it was the first competition that we ran and worth noting. The winner walked away with the new design making her the first one to own it.


In June we released our first piece of winter clothing in the form of the iRT Varsity Jacket which sold out much faster than expected.



In July we met Shawty-P, a talented young artist. We looked at some of her work and it just reignited that desire in us to showcase talented Namibians for the world to see. You can see her work on her facebook page:



In November, we showed our support for the awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancers by running a Movember competition. Participants would have to upload a picture of themselves rocking their moustache and push to get as many likes possible.


And then just recently we decided to make our website open to the public. It is still undergoing minor construction but, is ready for action. Have a look in your spare time, and don’t be shy to drop a suggestion.


The journey continues…………..


Photoshoots are awesome!

Lots of people have told me that having a photoshoot is serious business and things get pretty stressful for both the photographer and models. Andrew and I had our first (virtually unprepared) photoshoot though, and it was AWESOME.



The sun was about to set but, we still wanted more pics of our guest model Pombili  and she was nice enough to continue shooting on that chilly afternoon even after sunset.


All in all, the day was great. A special thanks to Pombili for Runnin It infront of the camera  and to Absai, our photographer and founder of NAWAZONE for a job well done.

Cant wait for the next one.




Meet Princess M.


The nights in Windhoek just seem to keep getting colder and colder. On this particular night we found ourselves sweet talking the guards over at NBC radio. Princess M, one of the radio presenters on National Radio gave us permission to join her in the studio and snap a few pics of her “Running It” on the mic. The only challenge now, was to sneak our camera onto the premises. Something that NBC does NOT allow. 

We talked about the weather, plans for the weekend and shared some jokes. But it was the “The Rains In The North Were Really Good This Year” conversation that really set the tone. They instantly liked us so much that they completely neglected to search our green backpack……Mission Complete!Image

After speaking to the receptionist, Lady M came to greet us and led us to her studio. The lighting was dim, the TV was on Big Brother StarGame  and the sounds of “Umlilo” filled studio. We spent a few minutes talking and then she had to read a few announcements.  When she sat down on that chair she was a completely different person . The chemistry between her and the microphone was amazing. Then after the announcements, Princess M was gone and Matilda was back.

Princess M

-Radio Dj/Presenter on National Radio 91.7/92.6 Fm