Ongushu United

A thousand apologies for the silence on this site. We want all of you to know what has been happening with the brand.

Andrew and I had the opportunity to design soccer shirts for a Sunday league soccer team from up north.

When i said “up north” I really meant it

Our time was limited so we had to get to work A.S.A.P. We had our friend Verena over to help us with the design of the shirts. We thought it would be nice to have a lady’s opinion…….Mistake. After several minutes of endless criticism , we relieved Verena of her duties and we continued on our own. She did however manage to make some good contributions before her unfortunate dismissal.

How the shirts looked in our minds.

How the shirts actually came out

The printer ended up making a stupid mistake on ALL of the shirts.  Instead of writing Ongushu Groceries, he wrote Grocery. The team’s owner was quite impressed with the shirts though, so he didn’t really mind. The guys were over the moon with their new kit. Just like a person would take a brand new car for a spin, they put their shirts on and had a training session.

We at i.R.T would just like to wish the boys the best of luck for the rest of their 2012 league campaign.


Meet Princess M.


The nights in Windhoek just seem to keep getting colder and colder. On this particular night we found ourselves sweet talking the guards over at NBC radio. Princess M, one of the radio presenters on National Radio gave us permission to join her in the studio and snap a few pics of her “Running It” on the mic. The only challenge now, was to sneak our camera onto the premises. Something that NBC does NOT allow. 

We talked about the weather, plans for the weekend and shared some jokes. But it was the “The Rains In The North Were Really Good This Year” conversation that really set the tone. They instantly liked us so much that they completely neglected to search our green backpack……Mission Complete!Image

After speaking to the receptionist, Lady M came to greet us and led us to her studio. The lighting was dim, the TV was on Big Brother StarGame  and the sounds of “Umlilo” filled studio. We spent a few minutes talking and then she had to read a few announcements.  When she sat down on that chair she was a completely different person . The chemistry between her and the microphone was amazing. Then after the announcements, Princess M was gone and Matilda was back.

Princess M

-Radio Dj/Presenter on National Radio 91.7/92.6 Fm

i.R.T Self Service Part 2

“We’re back! And this time we mean business”

Those were the very words we used On Wednesday when we went to work on Operation “i.R.T Self Service” after our disappointingly failed first attempt. Even though the confidence was sky high, our fingers were still crossed.

When you work with a pool of Blood, Sweat and Tears all over your face, mistakes like this will most definately happen.

We started pretty late with the whole process, 17:26 to be exact. Andrew was already on site as I rushed through 5 o’clock traffic. He was finalizing some artwork and pleading with Mr.S (the owner of the building) for him not to  close for the day until we finished. To be completely honest with you guys, I had no idea what I was doing at first. Andrew and one of Mr.S’s employees were right in it……cutting into things, tearing away at other things and printing even more things. I just stood there, wanting to help but, the sound of Mr.S shouting …”DO NOT WASTE THIS MATERIAL OR MAKE MISTAKES BECAUSE IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE” was ringing so hard in my ears that I didn’t know if I should.

After shaking off the nerves and drinking a painkiller for the damage done by Mr.S, I joined Andrew. A few mistakes were made on my part but nothing major. I guess in life you always have to take some sort of risk if you’re gonna reach a goal. This time it payed off……This time

The  day was a success and the next day we completely finished all of the shirts.  To make the day even better, we spotted Princess-M sporting an i.R.T top  and she was happy enough to take some pics and spend a bit of time with us.

Will post about that very soon.

i.R.T Self Service

SO as you all can imagine, we are super psyched about the “Official” launch which takes place in fourteen days time. So to make the day even more special, we decided that we will not only do the designs but, we will actually make the physical artwork and hand press these first shirts too.…..Goin the extra mile.

We found this picture on a wall in the printing place of our choice. I don’t know what the story behind this is but, it looks like some sort of an achievement to have your design up there.

Operation “i.R.T Self Service” ended up being a fruitless venture. We arrived at the printers all swagged out and ready to create some masterpieces, only to find the boss and his staff hard at work. Apparently, career-dependant tenders worth tens of thousands of dollars are more important than helping out two young, moneyless entrepreneurs.  So, almost every piece of equipment was occupied for the whole 3 hours that we spent waiting.

At the end of the day, not a single t-shirt got printed, but we still managed to have alotta fun goofing around and exploring the building. This isn’t over though……..

-We’ll Be Back. (Terminator voice)

Counting Down To 16th June.

We begin the countdown to ENTREPRENEURSHIP SPORT NETWORK FUN DAY by the “Price Of Fame Entertainment Group” on the 16th of June where we will be officially launching the brand.

i.R.T is virtually unknown as of now. People see the t-shirts and wonder where on earth they came from and which famous designer created them.

This is no designer brand name. This is like a rainbow, where different elements combine to form this spectacular meteorological phenomenon. This are different people of different tribes and races with different jobs, activities, hobbies, talents and passions, coming together to create something BEAUTIFUL.
This brand is You.
You Run This!