Have you met……..?

Meet Princess M.


The nights in Windhoek just seem to keep getting colder and colder. On this particular night we found ourselves sweet talking the guards over at NBC radio. Princess M, one of the radio presenters on National Radio gave us permission to join her in the studio and snap a few pics of her “Running It” on the mic. The only challenge now, was to sneak our camera onto the premises. Something that NBC does NOT allow. 

We talked about the weather, plans for the weekend and shared some jokes. But it was the “The Rains In The North Were Really Good This Year” conversation that really set the tone. They instantly liked us so much that they completely neglected to search our green backpack……Mission Complete!Image

After speaking to the receptionist, Lady M came to greet us and led us to her studio. The lighting was dim, the TV was on Big Brother StarGame  and the sounds of “Umlilo” filled studio. We spent a few minutes talking and then she had to read a few announcements.  When she sat down on that chair she was a completely different person . The chemistry between her and the microphone was amazing. Then after the announcements, Princess M was gone and Matilda was back.

Princess M

-Radio Dj/Presenter on National Radio 91.7/92.6 Fm