i.R.T learns to fly

After the “i.R.T Matrix” design got released, Andrew and I were thinking of doing something a bit adventurous to welcome the new t-shirts in style.

Then just the other day, Desh asked me if I wanted to join  him on one of his test flight……….there was only one possible answer to that question 🙂

Dee teaching me how to Run It

Dee, Isaac and I were already pumped up, one of us would even get a chance to sit in front in the co-pilot position. My plan was to hijack the plane, fly westwards and go sky-dive into the Atlantic ocean. Unfortunately I got the backseat instead.

We thought we were going to fly in the expensive looking jet thingy but, that wasn’t to be. Our plane was alot more…..humble


Looking down on Windhoek from up there was amazing, especially after the sun had set and all of her lights were switched on. It was an awesome experience. Isaac even got to fly the plane for a minute or so.

Thanks for the flight Desh…..You Run This.


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