Month: August 2012

Enter the Matrix

After many long nights of designing and  re-drawing, the “Matrix” is finally born.

Male design

The Matrix will be officially released on the 31 August. 

Stock is limited so inbox us on Facebook to pre-order……..IRT (I Run This)


Photoshoots are awesome!

Lots of people have told me that having a photoshoot is serious business and things get pretty stressful for both the photographer and models. Andrew and I had our first (virtually unprepared) photoshoot though, and it was AWESOME.



The sun was about to set but, we still wanted more pics of our guest model Pombili  and she was nice enough to continue shooting on that chilly afternoon even after sunset.


All in all, the day was great. A special thanks to Pombili for Runnin It infront of the camera  and to Absai, our photographer and founder of NAWAZONE for a job well done.

Cant wait for the next one.