i.R.T Self Service Part 2

“We’re back! And this time we mean business”

Those were the very words we used On Wednesday when we went to work on Operation “i.R.T Self Service” after our disappointingly failed first attempt. Even though the confidence was sky high, our fingers were still crossed.

When you work with a pool of Blood, Sweat and Tears all over your face, mistakes like this will most definately happen.

We started pretty late with the whole process, 17:26 to be exact. Andrew was already on site as I rushed through 5 o’clock traffic. He was finalizing some artwork and pleading with Mr.S (the owner of the building) for him not to  close for the day until we finished. To be completely honest with you guys, I had no idea what I was doing at first. Andrew and one of Mr.S’s employees were right in it……cutting into things, tearing away at other things and printing even more things. I just stood there, wanting to help but, the sound of Mr.S shouting …”DO NOT WASTE THIS MATERIAL OR MAKE MISTAKES BECAUSE IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE” was ringing so hard in my ears that I didn’t know if I should.

After shaking off the nerves and drinking a painkiller for the damage done by Mr.S, I joined Andrew. A few mistakes were made on my part but nothing major. I guess in life you always have to take some sort of risk if you’re gonna reach a goal. This time it payed off……This time

The  day was a success and the next day we completely finished all of the shirts.  To make the day even better, we spotted Princess-M sporting an i.R.T top  and she was happy enough to take some pics and spend a bit of time with us.

Will post about that very soon.


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