i.R.T Self Service

SO as you all can imagine, we are super psyched about the “Official” launch which takes place in fourteen days time. So to make the day even more special, we decided that we will not only do the designs but, we will actually make the physical artwork and hand press these first shirts too.…..Goin the extra mile.

We found this picture on a wall in the printing place of our choice. I don’t know what the story behind this is but, it looks like some sort of an achievement to have your design up there.

Operation “i.R.T Self Service” ended up being a fruitless venture. We arrived at the printers all swagged out and ready to create some masterpieces, only to find the boss and his staff hard at work. Apparently, career-dependant tenders worth tens of thousands of dollars are more important than helping out two young, moneyless entrepreneurs.  So, almost every piece of equipment was occupied for the whole 3 hours that we spent waiting.

At the end of the day, not a single t-shirt got printed, but we still managed to have alotta fun goofing around and exploring the building. This isn’t over though……..

-We’ll Be Back. (Terminator voice)


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